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Live Your Life To The Fullest…

Week 19….

We are definitely NOT promised tomorrow… That being said…

HOW WILL YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE TODAY? Have you REALLY ever thought about it??

Look around you….

Look at the beauty outside. The Flowers, the bumblebee bees and butterflies dancing about. The smell of fresh cut grass. The sound of children playing outside… Or if you are in an environment that has Seasons (lucky you♡), look at the beauty of the fallen undisturbed snow that is silencing at night, the crackling sound of the wood burning fireplace, the warm snuggly blanket….

Those little things, my friend, for instance are little things that we should be thankful for.

What about our loved ones. Whether it be your one true love, your children, or your dear friends…. To be loved by others is a true blessing. To have loved is a keepsake of a memory.

What about your career. Is it your own business or do you work for a Company? Regardless if it is yours or not, there is MUCH to be thankful for there!

What about your dreams? Your aspirations? Those count…. Those really really count! It’s what makes us unique.

Dont you dare give up on your dreams and things you really want to accomplish in your life….

Go for it…..

Be brave…..

Believe in you, no matter what people may say negatively. There are ALWAYS going to be haters, or the ones who try to drag you down, crush your spirit, or try to rob your joy….

Don’t you dare believe them…. They are liars.

Believe what’s in your heart, believe what is in your soul, that burning desire to succeed.

Don’t look back….. Those days are gone.

Don’t look ahead…… We are not promised tomorrow…..

Live in the NOW. Live for today as if there is no tomorrow.

Love BIG



♡If you GIVE MORE, you will GET MORE♡

So go out there my friend, look life in the face and go for your dreams, loving big, being kind and doing for others. Let your inner joy be released…

Live your life to the FULLEST!!

And if you ever need a boost or help along the way, just ask someone who you trust that they have your best interest.

You got this…

Go slay the day!

5 thoughts on “Live Your Life To The Fullest…

  1. Great post! One of my favourite things is when the sun shines of fresh snow and the snow sparkles! Thanks for sharing a few of your favourite things (like the song from Sound of Music:)


    1. Thanks Arlene! I love sparkly snow so much!!!
      Yes, the Sound of Music would ne perfect for this post! If only I knew how to put in a music clip! Haha. Maybe w Davene’s assistance!!!


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